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Lougenia J. Rucker
About Me

Spiritual Leader. INspirational Speaker. Entrepreneur. Coach. Author.


Passionate about empowering women to define, embrace & to livie on purpose and to release the brilliance within!


Contributing Author for the following Professional Women Network writting collaborations:

Emotional Wellness for Women

Learning to Love Yourself

Life Skills for African American Women

Raising African American Girls

Wellness for the African American Woman: mind, body & spirit




As a Self-care Expert, Lougenia partners with Sensaria, natural bodycare/skincare products to help empower women to dedicate time and to create "me time" natural rituals to renwew the mind, restore the soul and to refresh the spirit. She shares secrets on how to create a "ten Minutes" spa break at home ujsing spa-quality products.




Prophetess Lougenia J. Rucker

Divine Diamonds Ministries


63 years old
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House of Prayer Ministries
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Praise the Lord



          JohnDavid was a born in Hindu family. A Village of srungavruksham, ThandangiMandal, East Godavari District Andhra Pradesh, South India. My whole families wereworshipping Idol Pakka.  We did not knowconcerning Jesus Christ. Then I was use to Alcohol, smoking and drinking oneway working social work always move to cinema, such a terrible wrongs I amdoing all village people are saying very bad man.  I was never listen which my father said thatgood things.  During that one spiritualpastor came to my Village.  He waspreaching the word of God, door to door evangelism giving conducted cottageprayers crusade meetings conducted, tracks distribution to everybody in Village of Srungavruksham, the Village people neveraccepted Gospel of Jesus Christ.


          Oneday pastor approached at me, He is given word of God to me, I was fighter withhim actually I do not like Christ; I am as a Barbarism very highly smoking& drinking. Misfortune my father was sick in 1996.  Un-able to carry him for his health, in asmuch as we are very poverty he was expired same year, I was anxiety more aboutmy father, village people are never comfort me, It was too much mourn, Duringthat suddenly pastor approached me given comfort said Bible verse, I was with pastorin God’s ministry everyday I use to read Bible one day early morning.  I have reading Bible the word of God Ps.118:8 touched my heart. Left my job dedicated to Christ ministry.  I had taken Baptism 1997, as soon as went in1997 Bangalorefor B.Th., studies, and 2001 I was came back to my birthplace. Got married,where we will be go do established church ministries praying to Godeveryday.  Then we were fasted 5 days day& night without taking food, God showed the vision on 4thday.  A place is belongs to harlotry (Asmall town).  Then we went visited doorto door but people are saying that already 6 pastors were left from the placeof harlotry because of place was as Sodom & Gomorrah is there and usingfilthy languages, banter, beat, bed lamite, surrounding withch craft pakkaidoltary most fornication.  When we wereheard suddenly socked and fear came. However we went by confidence on God Tuni place (which was God showed)by faith and doing Gods ministry independently without any supportorganization, we are taken rented hut (see picture Br. In vornadah Gods serviceconducted) Sunday school all night prayers once a month.  Fasting prayer every week in Friday.  By the Grace of God at present now 50 churchmembers, conducting cottage prayers, crusades so God is doing mighty miraclesamong sick people by the power of God, turn into Christ, conducting vowmeetings, tracks distribution door to door, conducting open meetings in streetsthose who really accepted personal saviour Jesus Christ.  We are given Baptism (Immersion) in the name ofJesus Christ

Pastor John David from India



Ike Boat - I A B
About Me

I love music since music is the heart and soul of every believer in Jesus name.Especially in the light of the Gospel....Graciously,i have been a follower of the Man who's the author and finisher of Our faith.He's the true son of the Most High God Jesus Christ.Please as i proceed on writing a bit about my self what i would like to achieve or aspirations and prospects.May i humbly use this opportunity to ask for your help in order to conform to some gifting to some giftings,talents and potentials God has endowed me over the years.It's a great privilege to bring to your knowledge that musically I've done a single entitled 'JUBILEE LOVE' which is a sort of gospel-reggae genre.Aside in the field of media,I've been a panelist as well contributed to the broadcasting of diverse programs on various radio airwaves both in the locality where i live and across the oceans as well borders on some notable international radio stations.Eg. CVC,RCI,BBC etc
Dear friend,i wouldn't like to boast about my self but as far Christ live in me then credit goes unto Him.Yes indeed,all are in view point of God's might ! Sometimes,it seems the future is bleak or on the threshold of fruitless or on the verge of falling apart due to unaccomplished training or education.Therefore,beloved one as an African child who seeks to help humanity in the direction and ways of God

About Me

Min. Angela Lee Price is an associate minister, and the former Member Services Director at St. Stephen Church, Louisville, Kentucky, Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby, Senior Pastor, where she has been a member for 20 years. Primary among her responsibilities was the assimilation of new members into the life of the church overseeing new members’, spiritual gifts, baptism classes, and decision counseling. She was licensed to preach on April 27, 2007. She has also served as Human Resource Director and Voter Empowerment Coordinator.

Min. Angela founded Jesus Saves Ministries in 2005. The ministry strives to demonstrate the relevancy and power of the Cross of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century through a world-wide internet ministry and local initiatives. Ministry initiatives have included Praise Walk 3.0, Prayer and Praise Walk for Jesus in conjunction with WLOU, restoration of voting rights and expungement workshops, the Least of These “Blessings In a Basket” initiative, Bible donations, and scholarship awards.

She launched the Jesus Saves Social Network on the internet in 2008. The social network is concerned for the least of these (Matthew 25: 35-40), and for anyone concerned about their horizontal and vertical relationship with the Lord. She is an avid blogger and has self published a number of journals, devotionals, and newsletters.

Min. Angela is currently pursuing a Masters of Theology degree at Campbellsville University. She completed a Bachelor of Theology degree from Simmons College of Kentucky, in May 2008 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Louisville in August 1993.

She is a former radio personality with 30 years experience at several local urban stations in Louisville, including PraizePower 1350 WLOU where she served as afternoon-drive and morning-drive announcer until March 2009. She is married to WLOU/WLLV/Praize 104.7 FM General Manager Bill Price. Together, they have two adult sons.

“Salvation is found in no one else for there is no other name under heaven given to men whereby we might be saved." Acts 4:12 It is not Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, nor New Age that saves. Jesus saves!

Kathleen Moon
About Me

In the 20+ years of business and life I have collected, learned, and experienced many things. They come from church life, street ministry, business cultures, corporate settings and entrepreneurial endeavors. This allows me to entertain enlighten and inspire you. I have earned a “Street Degree” in Management (of anything), Sales, and was Ordained in Ministry (1986).

I was voted, “Mom of the Year” for the years of training up 4 kids and posses a great love for Gods kids.

All this experience has taught me to plan strategically, envisioning great achievements, teach people to ‘stand firm’, ‘move slowly’ and live life to its fullest. I get to the core of a problem quickly. “My heart is to inspire, educate, connect and unleash the powerful destiny within each person I meet. We have too much to give and find it hard to open ourselves to that reality. In connecting and discovering, we find our true happiness.”

I have served my community well with many hats; Corona Chamber of Commerce President 2004 with a backup of 4 years serving on the Board of Directors and many committee positions. I also served as a director for many non-profits; Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Association of Realtors, YMCA, National Association of Women Business Owners, and Today’s Youth Organization, to name a few.

There have been numerous awards and accolades along the way from the City of Corona, Riverside County, Congress, House of Representatives, City of Orange and the Presidents Award from the Chamber of Commerce and more.

Ms. Felecia
About Me


Find more music like this on Black Preaching Network


About Me

Greetingss to Dear,in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ,

My name is Pastor. Hosanna. Iam  working as Pastor.  (my
small Testmony)
I was borned in a rich family. my cast is brahmin .In those days I &my
family members worhiped idols and followed Hindu God's culture. we had
a temple  lord siva.I worked as a devotee in that temple.In my twenty
years old I and my friends went to a college ground. In that campus so
many saviour people were  worshiping Jesus.I asked my friends what was
it.why they were worshiping Jesus. I told my friends my god siva is
greatest God.My God only real God. I cannot believe any God.My friends
told to  me please wait here ,ten minitues after we will go back. they
went to the meeting.I stand in a dark place half KM far at the
meeting.any body cannot remembered me. In that meeting so many people
were there. one service man stand and talking with the people. People
were hearing his words.Then I observed his words. In his words only
one God is there name Jesus. He is real God. Hindu's gods are silver
and gold.the work of men's hands. they have mouths, but they speak
not.eyes have they .but they see not. They have ears, but they here
not. noses have the .but they smell not. They have hands,but they
handle not feet have they but they walk not neither speak they through
their roat. they hat make them are like unto them , so is every one
that trust their trusteth in them.
I filled with full of angry with that service man. I thought
in my heart. who are a man why are you talking this like.I will beat
you.After that i heared small slowly lovely voice. I observed what a
voice who are talk me. Three times voice came . In that voice you are
a chosen vessel unto me. I have set you  to be of the gentiles that
yousouldest be for salvation us to the ends of the earth.God say to me
in our temple in the early morning because who are a  God talked with
me. which God talked with me.I will know the real matter. From 7
o'clock to 3 o'clock any god didn't talk with me.then i asked god who
ae a god talk with me in that meeting.please visit meplease talk with
me.then jesus christ visited me and appeared of unto me saying I have
set you to be a light of the Gentiles you are a choses vessel.
I agreed jesus christ as my saviour . after some days he
calls me  "come to my service.Then I agreed his call. i left my
buildibgs, lands, vahicles, realitives, my parents, money.only take my
wife ,daugher,son and clothes.God has given to me his service and
branches . so many people saved.so many sick people cured. somany
devils castout somebody gentiles believes God jesus . our ministries
depend on god only .there is no any support.we depends only Apostal
advices. we have lleft all and followed jesus christ.
Please pray for me and my service.now iam doing servicein
E-G-Dt at pulletikurru  on march 9th in 2003 was service
started.somany difficulties were there .somany brahmin people was
tried send to my village. but god has keep me in that
village.15,charches are there.20 Members Pastors,so many needs have my
service. they are churches constructions, purchaseses lands, sound
systems , will be buy . so please do pray for me and needs and money
problems. if God has any message display for me ,please will sent to
me by [email protected] i will be waiting for your
reply.we are doing prayer for
you and your ministries.      Send Your Magagin  

Pastor,B.Hosanna.Christ Glory Fire Ministries, Pulletikurru,E,G,(Dt) A P,India -533239

My Cell no,+919849130296, +919908357754

www.christgloryfireministries.webs.com ,E-mail, [email protected]  ,

 [email protected][email protected]

Yolanda Davis
39 years old

dcent wonder
36 years old
About Me

my name is dcent wonder am an  gospel artiste and i hv a company in nigeria am into advertisiment onlin and tv,radio.newspaper

Site Owner
About Me

Minister Spaulding has talents in many areas of her life

She is a former Gospel Recording Artist “The Gospel Choraleers” of Lima, Ohio, a family ministry. She is a skilled writer; psalmist, cook, seamstress, and actor. God has led Evangelist Spaulding‘s ministry into the arena of preaching the gospel through giving life-lessons through literary art. She has written her first True Novel with Poetry and Inspirational writings. This book is titled “LIFE ON ELM STREET” featuring “The Devil Done Lost Its Mind”. She states” Facing Traumatic challenges in my life has inspired me to tell my stories. I was raised in a small town in the state of Ohio; living on the corner House of Elm and Nye. I grew up as a Pastor’s daughter; I faced much traumatic abuse inside and outside of the family. Yet I gained a true and strong relationship with my heavenly father”.

She gives a horrifying account seasoned with ironic humor of being robbed by a guy who was once the “Nerd of the Neighborhood”. She gives a moving and teaching testimony in these words “My God I thought he was gonna kill me! I was at work at the Bonded Gas Station on Elm Street; my boss thought I had something to do with the robbery. I was covered by the Grace of God and didn’t know it”.

On a personal note of a Godly blessing of a Godly love she says “I have an awesome companion who has been a blessing in my life. I trust in God to build our life even greater. I trust God to bring his Love and Prosperity into OUR Life even more! Thank You Jesus”.

She further declares “Living on Elm Street has nightmare memories, which will be remembered for the rest of my life. As I write of these memories, I learn more about myself. I learn more of how to love and appreciate my life. I learn more of how to ‘let go and let God’
You can order your book heremsfelecia.webs.com/successonelmstreet.htm
Evang.Felecia Spaulding
567-289-9066 [email protected]

Be Blessed....God Bless
Let God Direct Your Success!!

pastor Michael Jomah
41 years old
About Me

I am  pastor Michael Jomah,founder of REMNANT WORLD OUT REACH SOULS WINNING AND DELIVERANCE MINISTRY INC.Iam also high school graduate,and a graduate of calvary chapel Bible trainng center in Ghana.Iam a trainer,music minister

I am aTeacher of the Bible ,I  teach,preach ,speakers on churech conference .

I am a founder of an N. G. O .Called  FEED MY HUNGRY ORPHANS,FEMHUNORPHA

I am presently working on bouth of my vision in Liberia,I love to network with other ministry as well with others pastors.I also welcome partners to partnership with me in our N. G. O .In Liberia.

Iam  very simple easy trustful and transparences .I am sigle ,not marry and no children.

As a man of God I am always trusting in the Lord for the best.still bless in Jesus name.

call me +233-540657406.email:[email protected]


pastor paul
About Me

I am  a pastor from Ghana, i am the founder of the ministry i am pasturing now, 

About Me

I Co-Pastor with my husband, and I am the founder of Women of Power, an organization to empower women all across the globe.


Our mission is to educate, illuminate and inspire women to embrace their God given power.


I love my family, and it's great being NANA.....and by the way,

I'm the Lord's favorite daughter.  (smile)

[email protected]
About Me

I'm founder of Goddesses Blessing Goddesses the organization.

We strive to empower women and their families and restore the family foundation.

I will use the valuable services offered here to promote our mission.

I am also a writer and advocate for the elderly and organ donations (UNOS ), and feel strongly about the importance of renewable energy and health reform that is in demand for the country in which we live.

51 years old

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